best gay club tampa
Mike Munroe
I have an absolutely fabulous time every time I go. All the bartenders are amazing and I’m loving what these new owners are doing with the place. Making it a fun and safe place to go. Can’t wait to go back this weekend.
gay club tampa
George Petrick
I went to Cristoph’s Tampa in May for the first time and saw a number of friends, and found it to be a great place. Since then I have been back a number of times and it never fails to be a fun place. Many of the clientele are regulars from back when this was 2606, and now, Cristophs is as good as it was back then! If you liked 2606, you will love Cristophs.
Cristoph’s Tampa 33607
Robbie Seymour
Cristoph’ s Tampa is a great bar very friendly the doorman is a  great guy very friendly to everyone the bartenders are awesome the dancers are great..that is my new hangout very relaxed feel at home in the bar……love the special events they have..I will be there alot….
gay nightlife tampa
Shannon Lindsey
Had a great time every time I have gone. The DJ is spot on with the music and the bar is well layed out with plenty of space for everyone.
gay club tampa
Steve Crespo
Cristoph’s is a great bar! The bartenders make a fabulous Cosmo and nearly everyone there is friendly – so you don’t feel like an outsider.
Cristoph’s Tampa (813) 450-3877
Emelio Temprano
Great music, always a good crowd love the place. Bartenders are awesome.
gay entertainment tampa
Steve K
Staff is always attentive, and pleasant. Great atmosphere. Good music. Go to bartender Brad on first floor.
gay nightclub tampa
Tony C
Cristoph’s has been completely remodeled and the staff is HOT Men!! New Management has come in and revamped the whole place and I wish them the best of luck, though it won’t be needed. This place is a Man’s Club welcoming all but focused on Levi n Leather. I had a chance to speak to the new owners and they along with their staff want you to stop in. By 9pm the upstairs opened offering a pool table, and another drink area. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!